Web-Based Software

Web-Based Software

Old School

PDF and printed manuals are “old school.” Make your information searchable, real time, and user-friendly.

Let us do it for you.

We will convert your current paper or PDF manuals to our fully searchable online software in 90 days. Your information will be in real time and at your associates’ fingertips on the web and on your company intranet. Our policy management software allows you to update your procedures simply and quickly with a fully documented audit trail, as well as survey your associates to ensure they have the latest information.


We are flexible.

Our policy and procedure solutions let you choose to use your own content or to purchase from our library of manuals.

  • Your Content: We can convert your operating procedure standards into an online document that is searchable, easily updated, and user-friendly.
  • Our Content: We offer a collection of quality policy manuals that we can customize to your specific company and industry. If you need help getting started with your manuals, or you would like to add to what you already have, this option is perfect for you.

Our team can help you create or customize any policy or procedure to fit the needs of your business.


Our policy software provides a fully documented audit trail that enables your administrators to see updated policies, track policy changes, and refer to previous policy versions in the event of legal action.


Our simple quizzing feature allows you to quiz your associates to ensure that they have received and reviewed your updates and are working with the latest information. The quizzing feature also encourages your associates to search for and review your policies and procedures.


Our survey feature allows you to assess your associates’ satisfaction level and assures them a platform for an anonymous response.