Our mission

We believe that effective policies are a cornerstone of every company’s culture and success. Our mission is to make it easy for you to achieve high-quality manuals which not only protect your business and improve performance, but unify your team—even build your brand.

The “policy problem”

Creating and maintaining relevant policies and procedures can be daunting, especially when pressing day-to-day business matters are always demanding your attention. Without a streamlined approach, policies become outdated, inconsistent with on-site practices, and ultimately ineffective.

In 2000, President and Owner Kendall Pretzer, then a seasoned professional in the multifamily industry, identified the need for a solution to this “policy problem.” She asked:

In an ever-changing industry, how can a company painlessly create better policies—and keep them relevant?

What tools can be used to more effectively engage employees and drive consistency across multiple sites?

A new approach

In answer to our clients’ needs, our company devised a complete solution now used by the top property management companies in the industry: an expansive library of standard best practices, innovative policy management software, and an easy content customization process.

Thus The Strategic Solution was born.

We welcome you to partner with our team of industry experts and transform your company’s policies from a burden into a strategic advantage.

Three of the four largest property management companies in the U.S. partner with The Strategic Solution. 


The Strategic Solution has helped us streamline our policies and procedures and allows our team members access to the latest and greatest information.