The “most wonderful” time of the year?

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Yes, it could be the most wonderful time of the year OR it could be time to update your Employee Handbook.

Traditionally, companies have reviewed and edited policies and procedures on an annual basis. With federal, state, and local laws changing at an increasingly rapid pace, many companies want to update more frequently, but are stymied by the cost of reprinting and redistributing handbooks to the employee base.

The Strategic Solution’s clients take advantage of our web-based software by managing policies and procedures throughout the year. ¬†With the ability to update handbooks and manuals without the cost of reprinting and redistributing, the process is spread out during the year and not concentrated during the most wonderful time of the year.

Regardless of the timing of your process, The Strategic Solution recommends the following to begin updating one policy or an entire handbook.

Research any new federal, state and local laws

  • Determine if any apply to your organization.
  • Craft your new policy or rework the existing policy if any new laws apply to your organization.

Be aware of ripple effects

  • Determine if a change in one policy could potentially impact other policies.
  • Review the procedures that accompany a policy – do they still make sense?
  • Verify the current forms still fit the new or modified policy.
    • Modify your forms as necessary

Compare your current policies and procedures to the actual practices

  • It is critical that practices are in line with policies and procedures. If they are not in sync, review and modify.
  • Policies define the company standard or rule.
  • Procedures define the “how-to” of a standard or rule.
  • Actual practices are how the managers and employees use (or don’t use) the policies and procedures.

Involve management

  • Communicate the reason for a new or modified policy and how it might impact your organization and ask for feedback from executives, managers and supervisors.
  • Educate your management team on why the policy is necessary and how it fits as a best practice within your organization. Do not rely on the “because it is the law” argument.
  • Listen to the feedback from all levels of management and when appropriate, weave the feedback into the policy and/or procedures.

Learn from prior year’s events

  • Did the company experience an employee issue that was not covered by your current policies?
  • Did the company experience a lawsuit (or threat of one) where the current policy left the company open to potential liability?
    • If yes to either question, modify or create the necessary policy and/or procedure.

Train everyone

  • Management team
  • All supervisors
  • All employees

Collect the signed Acknowledgement Form from everyone

the Strategic Solution can help you!
Our Human Resources professional, Mary Hjorth, SPHR, SHRM-SCP can assist your company with the process of updating your handbook and manuals. If you are interested in speaking with Mary, she can be reached at 512-656-5952 or