Human Resource Mini Audits

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HR professionals should constantly question if the current policies and procedures align with the actual practices occurring within the organization. One of the first questions may be, “Are the policies and/or procedures outdated or are the practices not well trained?” The second question may be, “What is the best way to determine the answer to the first question?” To find the answers, HR may need to perform an audit. Since many HR departments do not have the internal staffing required to perform full-blown HR audits, the Strategic Solution recommends clients perform mini-audits over a period of time. Mini-audits involve reviewing specific policies to determine what, if anything, should be modified, implemented, and retrained.

Getting Started

To get started, determine the policies that continually cause a great deal of discussion with managers. Many times the policies that cause the most internal strife include dress code, attendance, job descriptions, overtime, on-boarding, and inclement weather. Performing a mini-audit on one policy at a time can help make the project more manageable.

Below are a few key questions the Strategic Solution recommends for a mini-audit:

  • How long has the policy been in place?
  • Have managers and/or employees voiced concerns to HR about the policy?
  • Is the policy too vague or too detailed, therefore making it difficult for employees and managers to interpret it correctly?
  • How many employees have been counseled or terminated on the policy over the past 12-18 months?
  • Is the policy having a negative impact on your company culture?
  • When was the policy last updated and sent to employees?
  • When did employees last receive training on the policy?

Making Changes

If the answers to the questions above determine that the policy and the procedures are not an issue, it still may be in the best interest of the organization to discuss the need for additional training to ensure the practices align with the policies and procedures.

If the answers to the above questions determine a policy or procedure is outdated and/or no longer fits with the organization’s practices, the Strategic Solution recommends the following:

  • Find resources, such as the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) to determine the “best practices” for your specific industry.
  • Ask key stakeholders within your organization for input. ¬†Key stakeholders may include senior leadership, managers, and supervisors.
  • Inquire with a few employees (both long-term employees and newly hired employees) for feedback on the policy.
  • Write a draft of the new policy, get buy-in from the key stakeholders and formalize the draft.
  • Create an acknowledgement form for the updated policy and communicate it to all employees.

The Strategic Solution can help you

Our human resources professional, Mary Hjorth, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, can assist your company with the process of mini-audits. If you are interested in speaking with Mary, she can be reached at or on her cell phone at 512-656-5952.