Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the customization process?

Beginning with an on-site meeting with your associates, our team of policy and procedure experts will help evaluate and customize the content of your manuals to fit the needs of your organization. Our methodology encourages a collaborative environment that creates a culture-building experience for your company and ensures buy-in from your entire team. Our team consists of document organization and business management specialists who will facilitate continuity and consistency in your company’s policies and procedures.

We will meet with you to review your company manuals. The participants in this meeting should be property managers and/or regional managers and anyone else you determine necessary. A decision maker should be available for questions during some part of the meeting days. Our goal is to review each standard and fine tune your policies and procedures to reflect your best practices.


What is the review process?

Our professional policy and procedure writers and document organization experts will review and provide an example of our work. We will then continue the process to edit and make approved changes to your documents, including you in every step to ensure that the information presented to your associates is concise and consistent.


Can our manuals contain attachments, photos, screenshots, and/or links?

Yes! Our policy and procedure software allows you to insert photos or screenshots directly into your manual. Adding attachments is just as simple. You can have the forms, documents, and sample memos your associates will need right in the policy they are viewing. Linking your policies ensures all your information is quickly accessible to your associates.


Who is our company’s administrator? 

We encourage you to choose 2 or 3 administrators from your team to ensure that your information remains secure yet readily accessible for immediate updates. You can update your procedures simply and quickly with a fully documented audit trail. Plus, you can survey your associates to ensure they have the latest information.


How do we access our manuals?

Your associates will access your manuals from our secure server using a customized desktop shortcut or your company intranet site. Your information will be in real time and at your associates’ fingertips on the web, on your company intranet, and on their mobile devices.


Is customer support available if we have questions?

YES! We are here to answer your questions. Just contact our Customer Support Specialist, Karen Saterlee, at 877-728-6674 Ext. 710 or at ksatterlee@thestrategicsolution.com, and she will assist you.