Our Library of Manuals

Our manuals stand out.

Each of our quality standard policy manuals contains all the information you need for your company to get started. Our policy and procedure manuals include the following:

  • Leasing and Marketing
  • Management and Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Human Resources Managers’ Procedures
  • Employee Handbook

We will customize this information for you and/or combine it with your current information to build a strong management solution for your company. Each policy within our manuals includes:

  • Policy name and number – Identify your policies for easy reference.
  • Customer Service Impact Statement – Tell your associates the purpose of each policy.
  • Policy – Clearly and coherently describe expectations for your associates in bullet-point form.
  • Task breakdown – Tell your associates how to implement the policy in clear, numbered points.
  • Notes and materials – Supply additional references to support the policy.
  • Attachments – Offer easily accessible forms, photos, videos, screenshots, or any other helpful information.
  • Links – Provide access to relevant information located on the web and on your company intranet.

Leasing and Marketing Manual

Leasing and Marketing Manual

Our Leasing and Marketing policy manual consists of more than 90 policies and procedures including customer relations, telephone etiquette, marketing materials, social media, rental incentives, touring procedures, office apparel, and more.


“Greystar’s partnership with The Strategic Solution has helped us streamline our policies and procedures and allows our team members immediate access to the latest and greatest information that Greystar has to offer at their convenience. Being able to make changes in a “live environment”, in an industry which is ever changing, is essential. The Strategic Solution’s platform allows us to drive consistency amongst our teams and keep up to date! Their team provides great customer service and is easy to do business with.”

Jackie Rohne, Senior Managing Director Real Estate, & Stephanie Puryear Helling, Director Education & Training, Greystar

Property Management and Operations

Our Property Management and Operations policy manual consists of more than 70 policies and procedures including office procedures, ADA accommodations, move-in and move-out processes, safety requirements, office security, reporting standards, and more.

“We had a 300-plus page manual that was overwhelming and ineffective. We converted to the template recommended by The Strategic Solution and discovered our franchisees were referencing the information often. It seemed too simple, but has proven effective and changed our philosophy about manuals.”

Lance Buck, Vice President, Firestorm 24/7


Maintenance Manual


Our Maintenance policy manual consists of more than 50 policies and procedures including customer service, service request completion, maintenance emergencies, general safety, hazard communication, bid comparison, monthly inspections, key control, and more.

“Implementing the online policy manuals through The Strategic Solution has streamlined our business by allowing our on-site professionals to have immediate access to our company’s policies and procedures. We have been able to consolidate all manuals in one location, allowing ease of use for all employees. The Strategic Solution team is effective and efficient, making the working experience enjoyable.”

Scott Wilder, Senior Vice President Residential Management, Lincoln Property Company