What happens in the customization meeting?

Through collaborative work and small-group discussion facilitated by your project manager, selected members of your team will review and edit our standards (along with any existing content provided) to reflect your company’s best practices. Meeting participants should include property managers, regional managers, and others with expertise in the policy areas being reviewed. A decision maker should be available for part of each meeting day.

What happens after the meeting?

Our policy experts, document specialists, and editors will incorporate changes made during the meeting, thoroughly review for accuracy and consistency, and build the manuals in PolicyPartner to reflect your company branding. After you have a chance to review, we provide you with support to ensure a successful roll-out. Throughout the review phase, we work closely with you to ensure your expectations are met.

Can our manuals contain photos or screenshots?

Yes! PolicyPartner allows you to easily insert photos or screenshots directly into your manuals.  

Who is our company administrator? 

We encourage you to choose two or three administrators from your team to ensure that your information remains secure yet readily accessible for immediate updates. PolicyPartner allows administrators to set permissions such as Collaborator, Publisher, Editor, Reader, Viewer, and more.

How do we access our manuals? 

Your associates will access your manuals from our secure server using a customized desktop shortcut or your company intranet site. Your information will be in real time and at your associates’ fingertips on the web, on your company intranet, and on their mobile devices.

Is customer support available?

Yes! Administrators can simply click “Ask The Strategic Solution” on the menu ribbon within PolicyPartner and a ticket will be created and our support team will be alerted. You may also contact Kaitlyn Worth at kworth@gracehill.com or (877) 728-6674. Also, our Help Manual within the software is a great way to get immediate answers to your questions.