About Us

The Strategic Solution

We are dedicated to providing quality, web-based policy and procedure manuals to a variety of businesses. For more than a decade, our Dallas-based company has worked with top organizations and corporations across the nation to provide a streamlined format for best practices and standard operating procedures.

Today we serve more than 2.2 million apartment units, franchises, and other companies nationwide. Our proprietary document software serves as an important communication and information tool for nearly 1.1 million client employees.

Our team of experienced business professionals offers consulting services to enhance your business operations. Our focus is to listen, facilitate, recommend, and implement strategic solutions to improve the communication of your best practices. Our associates have extensive backgrounds in property management, workplace training, and business operations across multiple industries. Our associates’ flexibility will work with your projects and needs.


What We Offer

Library of Manuals
Guaranteed Delivery
Expert Revisions
A quality collection of standard best practices manuals
Facilitation of the customization process
Customized manuals within 90 days
Expert review to ensure continuity and consistency
Software training for your team and ongoing technical support
Self-hosting available

What Our Software Provides

Easy Access
Evaluation Tools
"Go Green" Support
One easy-to-access site with all your standards, forms, and critical information
A robust search engine so your policies, procedures, and forms are at your associates’ fingertips
Capability to update and immediately communicate changes to your team
Capability to survey, quiz, and document associate acknowledgment
Online document management to support your environmental initiatives
A well-documented audit trail
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